Covert Surveillance Equipment

Rental of Covert Surveillance Equipment

Dragon Surveillance are experts in assisting commercial clients with the gathering of covert evidence.  We can install the latest covert surveillance system into your premises out of hours.  The system can be rented for as long as it is needed.  This may be just for a few days or longer.   In instances of staff stealing from their employers, our rented equipment can often pay for itself very quickly.

We are experienced at collecting evidence which can be used by organisations such as the Police, Employment Tribunals, insurance companies and the Department of Works & Pensions.

Clients often find it useful to use our services as we are an impartial third party to the issue.   We do not need to know specific details regarding the personnel concerned.   We will advise, install and then remove the surveillance equipment.   Evidence can be recorded digitally in a format which is acceptable to the authorities and can be used for prosecution or dismissal.

Please contact us if you wish to discuss this service in complete confidence.

All our systems comply with the latest legislation and Data Protection Act.